April 18, 2009

A Common Concern

Why is it that most of us have the desire to escape the places to which we were born ?
If someone is born in Seattle, Washington they want to live in New York, New York and if born in Denver, Colorado they would rather live in San Fransisco, California.
I know it's not everyone, but it seems a common thread in quite a few people I've known over the years(as well as myself).
Is it the instinctual need to migrate or the human desire to explore ? Heck, maybe its part of the whole need to "grow up" and escape our parents, make a lives for ourselves.
The funny thing being of course is that most of us, no matter how far we travel, almost always seem to return for good to those places we had to get away from so badly.
I know that a big part of the people that want to move to California or New York is the want to be closer to movie stars, musicians, the "high life", riches and fame.
There are plenty of people that move to further their careers or be closer to someone they love.
But, those urges come later. I'm talking about the urge to "run away" that hits most of us in our teen years. Maybe it's all those things I've listed, maybe it's none of those.
That's why I want to hear from you, my readers, about your experiences with this urge to "get away". Where did you go ? Why did you go ? Anything about the subject that strikes words from the anvil of your mind.