April 14, 2008

Memory, who has it, who doesn't ?

Memory, it's an interesting facet of life. Some of us have tons of it , some of us have none. It can be our greatest help or our arch nemesis. The question is, why do some of us have a better memory than others? Of course, you can factor in things like genetics, interest, and how we were raised and taught.
But, I think one of the biggest factors in memory is a simple one, do we want to remember? That factor can have a lot to do with the interest factor, but what about the things we have to learn, not necessarily want to learn. Those fall into the above factor, what we want to keep in our memory.
In this fast paced world we live in, it can be very difficult to remember things. We "multi-task" so much, it's no wander we've lost some of our memory retention. Yet, we still remember some things over others, why, because we want to remember them.
Go back into your childhood, I know it gets harder and harder, and reflect on what we all heard constantly, "He/she has selective hearing" or "It's okay, she/he just has selective listening". That very factor of childhood has now become a very common thing in adults. I would imagine a lot of this factor is what doctors refer to as A.D.D.(Attention Deficit Disorder). We can't pay attention to one thing for too long, to sum it up.
To tie it all together, we often remember what we want to remember, we're told that it's important to remember specific things, but we are expected to "multi-task", which puts a bullet in increasing our memory. And, of course, doctors are constantly trying to cure A.D.D., but when we get older it's almost expected of us to develop it again, once more, so we can "multi-task" more effectively.
It all makes about as much sense as training your dog to sit, than beating it with a newspaper when it sits.
That's all for now, so to all my readers out there(old and new), until next time...