June 21, 2008

What are you doing ?

Sometimes in life we drift down the stream with our eyes closed, hoping somewhere along the way a dream will spark in the darkness and we'll be home.
We awaken, most often, to find the same sky above us, the same emptiness inside.
There are those who make it down the stream with all limbs intact, all emotions settled and all dreams realized.
But, this is a rarity, a gem amongst the pebbles. Most of us have to sink sometimes, get snagged in a few vines and come close to drowning.
Our own minds are a scary place sometimes, full of the same monsters we read about as children. And, than other times, they are an empty place, devoid of life.
How do you find yourself in this world of masks and masquerades ?
Where does your identity lie among the millions of faces, emotions, sayings, commercials, lies, and what you've been taught ??
If you find yourself whole in this world, are you really the lucky one or did you somehow miss out on fulfillment ???
I think it's this void, this stream, this wild blending of truth and lies that makes a life complete and is the true path to finding "you".
Lessons may not easily be learned, you may have to repeat the same mistakes a zillion times before you give in, no doubt with a growl of frustration, and decide that what you were doing was in fact a mistake.
You may find yourself going down paths that aren't recognizable, wearing clothes that don't quite fit, and putting on faces that aren't your own. But, you'll find yourself if that's what, in your heart of hearts, you want.
If you haven't come out of that void, if you're still a clone of the world around you....
WAKE UP !!!!!!
That's right, I said WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
That shirt your wearing isn't you, that car you're driving doesn't make you rich, powerful, or interesting, that new television you just bought isn't going to make life perfect.
We live in a nation of store bought pride, envy, lust, ego, dreams, lives, relationships, family's and happiness. But, how many of us are truly happy ? Not too many people can raise their hands and honestly say, I'm perfectly happy, I could die right now and have no regrets, walk right up to my maker and say "Take me, I'm the happiest man/woman on Earth".
Start working towards you're happiness, start making those dreams come true, find you.
Don't ruin other people's lives in the process, hurt others, hurt yourself or go to the store looking for any of this.
Search yourself and figure out what really makes YOU happy, not what will make you happy temporarily or what will make you look happy, find what makes YOU HAPPY. Don't expect perfection, but believe in it.
Do it, right now, stop reading this, GO !!!!