March 29, 2008

They're Heeeerrrreee...

How many people believe in the paranormal, u.f.o.'s and ghosts? Things of that nature. From what I've seen you have an even split on believers and non-believers. Than you've got the people who attach religion to it or science to it. You come across shows like "Ghost Hunters" on the Travel Channel, and those kind of shows completely make you want to laugh at the whole matter.
There's too much junk, conspiracy theory, hoax's and tabloid articles for anyone in the world today to really get a clear understanding of it all. These things have really hurt the idea of taking any of it seriously.
I myself am a half superstitious person, who believes it's arrogant to believe we're the only life in the universe and has a healthy respect for the idea of spirits and ghosts. I've seen things I can't explain, but I don't have enough intelligence on the matter to say with absolute certainty whether or not either exist. I've had the radio in my wife and I's office come on mysteriously and a Ouija board in the closet that gives me the creeps, but I'm not ready to go running, screaming from our home. I've definitely had experiences in places that made me walk a bit faster, while looking behind me.
But, that's just me, I'm a writer and have an active imagination. When I was a kid, my mom tells me about 1 or 2 years old, I had an "imaginary friend" that I told her and my grandmother, without a hint of child like words, he drowned in the fountain near our house. I guess I talked about it very "matter-a-factly", as if discussing the weather of the day. Yet, I don't remember any of it, so I can't say for sure.
I've always had this theory though, that the "imaginary friends" children see could, very well, be spirits. And I'm not going to BS anyone, say that I don't believe at all and move on with my day. Because it would be just that, a load of BS. I believe that there are plenty of UN-explainable things in this world. How could anyone say for sure that these things don't exist? No one has been to every square inch of the earth with all available equipment and studied it all.
Without doing that, the experts who say for sure that non of it has happened or exists are theorizing just as much as the believers they try to disprove.
More on this subject later, I apologize for my absence, I was out of town with my family. I look forward to more sharing on the next exciting episode of "Joe's Thoughts".